[dNASAb] has a BFA in Sculpture and Mixed Media from Florida State University, and participated in the International Summer Residency at the Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY (2006), where he worked with the “Wobulator,” Nam Jun Paik’s pioneering video synthesizer. In 2010, [dNASAb] was awarded a scholarship at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, New York, and an Artist’s Residency at the Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred University, New York. He was recently an Artist Honoree at the BRIC Contemporary Art Gala, 2010, “Brooklyn Art:Work”. [dNASAb] has exhibited widely in the past ten years, including exhibitions in New York, Moscow, Basel, Barcelona, Berlin, Seoul, Netherlands, Austria and Paris. [dNASAb] curated the show “Colliding Complexities_ Extreme feats of the New York New Aesthetic” 2012 with a corresponding Panel discussion at Pratt University. He produced a solo installation of new works at Volta, New York (March, 2011), and a solo exhibition in New York with Frederieke Taylor Gallery (2010). He presented his work in the “Art Salon” Art Basel Miami Beach 2009. His work has been published in the Washington Post, Sculpture magazine, Art Papers magazine, ART 21, and Reuters Television. [dNASAb] also maintains “Video Art Explorer” an academic resource project which is an online compendium of artworks created utilizing video as a raw material.  The artist lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

[dNASAb] Selected Exhibitions

  • ____2015____
  • “PARA-SPACE” NY Media Center by IFP, films created to be displayed on a 27 screen media wall and a 360 degree video wall, curated by CHiKA and Andrea Wolf Oct 5th-Nov 1st 2015
  • “Jumping The Shark” Royal Society Of American Art, Sept 12th-Oct 7th 2015
  • “Luminary” Temporary Storage gallery/Brooklyn Fireproof, July 17-Aug 5th 2015
  • “Williamsburg On Warren” curated by WYE Berlin, One Art Space, NYC June –July 7th 2015
  • VOLTA_NY 2015, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, Pier 40, Mar 2015
  • ____2014____
  • “Sculpting Life, A Recontextualization of the living marine reef ecosystem” Bloomberg Building 731 Lexington Ave. NYC 2014 [Bloomberg Sculptural Aquascaping Project] installed June 27-28th 2014, permanent commission
  • Cutlog Video screening program “Separation Anxiety”"Aesthetics of Decay” May 11th, 2014
  • “Hotter than July” group photography show, Studio Gallery, LES, NYC May 2014
  • “Separation Anxiety” “iPad Virgin Mary” WALLPLAY gallery NYC. Curated by Lee Wells and Laura O’Reilly, March 2014
  • ___2013___
  • CYBERFEST 2013,w/Cyland New Media Art Lab; St.Peterburg,Russia “Paradigm Shift” site specific version of “Ästhetik des Verfalls; Design for Sterben Electronics” in Berlin,Germany at the WYE, Berlin. Nov. 2013
  • “Redhook International Film and Video Festival” Screening of “Anonymous, Stealing your Data” Oct 2013
  • “The Silver Shore” GRAHAM  gallery(est.1857) East 67th street, NYC, July 11th-August 2013
  • Mykonos BIENIALE 2013,”Crisis + Paganism” Cine Manto, Mykonos,Greece- June 2013
  • “SHOOT” Lesley Heller Workspace, 54 Orchard street,NYC, June 5th-July 3rd 2013
  • ___2012___
  • “Colliding Complexities_Extreme feats of the New York New Aesthetic” Storefront Bushwick, curated by [dNASAb], NY Sept. 2012
  • “May Day 2012″ (Anarchist Art Fair) curated by Lee Wells, Peanut Underground, NYC
  • “Y Picasso Cogio iPad” [and Picasso took his iPad], Galeria Trama, Barcelona,Spain curated by Paco Barragán, Oct. 2012
  • ___2011___
  • “Haywire” Storefront Gallery, Ny group, September 23-October. 23rd 2011
  • “Afterlife” 526 W 26th St. #712,Nyc,group opening September 23rd, 2001
  • “Dataklysmos” Irvine Contemporary, Washington DC, solo April 30th-June 4th 2011
  • Volta NY, Frederieke Taylor Gallery, “Dataclysmic video sculptures, March 3rd- 6th 2011 NYC
  • “Artforum” Artist Lecture, Montclair State University, November, 2011
  • ___2010___
  • “Artist Honoree” 2010 BRIC Contemporary Art Gala, Brooklyn Art: Work.2010
  •  ”HARVESTWORKS” Educational Scholarship” Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center,NYC
  • “ArtistInResidence”Institute for Electronic Art”, Alfred University, Alfred, New York 2010
  • “dataclysmic”,Frederieke Taylor Gallery, NYC,solo,January 7th-February 20th-2010
  • “LUMEN” Middlesex County College,Edison,NJ,group,January -February 2010
  • “ArtForum” Artist Lecture Series, Montclair State University, Jan, Feb, + Mar 2010
  • “The Experimental Sequential” International Streaming Festival (The Hague), NL
  • “10th Anniversary Invitational #2”. Frederieke Taylor Gallery,Nyc, April-May,2010
  • ___2009___
  • “Contemporary Art + Social Media” Art Salon”,Art Basel,Miami Beach panel Dec ’09
  • “NEXT POST.Solo Projects Exhibition”, Rupert Ravens Contemporary,NJ February-April  2009
  • “Currents in Contemporary Photography” Flanders Art Gallery,Raleigh,NC, jan-feb 2009
  • “Tomorrow City” Incheon Korea, Robot video project, Janet Oh Gallery, Seoul Korea 2009
  • “Microsoft Gallery” Internet Week Exhibition, 414 W. 14th st, NYC 2009
  • Microsoft permanent collection acquires 4 large photographs Redmond WA 2009
  • John + Diane Marek Collection Acquisition,  3 channel video installation, Chattanooga,TN 2009
  • “GLOW” AnnMarie Sculpture Park in association w/ Smithsonian Institute MD Nov – Feb 2010
  • “system:system” curated by Christina Vassallo, St.Cecilia’s Convent, Brooklyn, Oct .2009
  • “Art Forum Lecture Series” Montclaire State University Fall 2009
  • ___2008___
  • “Drift”NCCA MOSCOW,National Center for Contemporary Art Moscow,Nov. 2008
  • Frederieke Taylor Gallery nyc,”solo project” Bridge Art Fair,Art Basel, Miami 2008
  • “INformation” Bric Rotunda Gallery ,NY curated by Elizabeth Ferrer November 2008
  • “AstralProjections” Secret Project Robot,NY,group a/v sculpture show,April 2008
  • “Best of [PAM]” Perpetual Art Machine curated video program, ScopeNy,group March 2008
  • “Info-sphere Aesthetics”University of Tenneessee at Chattanooga solo show February 2008
  • ___2007___
  • “LIVE” curated by Elizabeth M. Grady Whitney Museum w/ Marc dePuechredon gallery
  • “iPODEcosystem” The Los Angeles International Art Fair,Spinello Gallery
  • “Random Access Poetics” Brooklyn New Media artists, vertexList,NY group
  • “Video as Urban Condition”Lentos Kuntsmuseum/ Museum of Modern Art Linz,Austria
  • “iPod Sculptures” Bridge Art Fair 07′,Chicago, Romo Gallery
  • “Video Salon 2″ Galerija10m2 Sarajevo, group video
  • “10 plus 10″ Marc dePuechredon gallery, Basel Switzerland
  • “Venice Video Festival” during Venice Biennale,group video
  • Galleries at Peeler, DePauw University solo show Aug.22nd,SOLO
  • “VideoArt in the Age of the Internet” Chelsea Art Museum,NYC,group
  • “Particulate” Lump West Gallery, Eugene,OR,group
  • “Particulate 2 “Vox Populi Gallery,Philadelphia ,group
  • “Paris SHOWoff Art Fair” Paris,FR
  • “Istanbul Contermporary Art Fair’ Istanbul Turkey
  • “PHOTOmiami 07′” Miami FL,ArtBasel
  • “Teleculture” Pace University Digital Arts Gallery,NYC,group
  • ___2006___
  • “North American Exhibition of Paper and Plastic Arts” SwopeArt Musuem,IN
  • “Land Tracking Land” Rochester Contemporary,NY
  • “50 Minutes” Show OFF,Marc de Puechredon gallery Paris FR
  • “The Affair”at the Jupiter Hotel,Portland,OR,Romo Gallery
  • “Future Perfect”Curators Choice,curated by Lee Wells ScopeHamptons NY
  • “Experimental Televison Center” International Summer Residency, Alfred University NY
  • “One Year Later”Romo gallery, Atlanta,
  • “All Systems Go” Curated by Marisa Olson for Rhizome at
  • “Perpetual Art Machine” Cinemascope gallery at
  • ___2005___
  • ” Hey Hot Shot”, Jen Bekman Gallery,NYC group
  • “ Obscure Sexual Habits of Wireless Data”, Romo gallery, Atlanta, GA.solo
  • “ Top 40”, The Los Angeles Center For Digital Arts, Los Angeles, CA, group
  • ___2004___
  • ” Unframed First Look 04′” curated by Cindy Sherman, Jack Pierson and Adam Fuss, Sean Kelly Gallery, NY, group
  • ___2003___
  • ” Brave Destiny”, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY, group
  • ” EHIVE”, Fluxcore Art Space, Brooklyn, NY,group
  • ” EYEWASH” ,FREIGHT, New York, NY, group
  • ___2002___
  • ” INVOLUTION”, BPM, New York, NY, group
  • ” FUSION”, curated by D’Angelo Thompson, group
  • “ NOMUSIC TOURNAMENT”, World Audio Tournament, internet based group
  • “ THE RESONANT WAVE”, The Spannwerk, Berlin,Germany, group
  • ___2001___
  • “ National Coalition Against Censorship. ART NOW: Nationwide Artistic Responses to September 11 & Its Aftermath,”, New York, NY, internet based group exhibition
  • “RGB:between digital lines”, SmackMellon, Brooklyn, NY, performance based installation
  • ” OVM organic visual messages” Independent Experimental Video Festival, Brooklyn, NY, group
  • “Surface Geographies and the Land Behind Our Eyes:”New York Center for Media Arts,LIC, NY
  • ” Regurgitation Show” The Art Center on First, Jersey City, NJ, group
  • ” LITESHOW” part of Boston CyberArts 2001,Boston MA,group
  • ___2000___
  • Tech-KNOW LOGIC.Moving Image Gallery.Michelle Thursz, New York, NY,2000, group
  • “Artimation”,Digital Moving Image Makor Screening Room May – June 1, 2000
  • ___1999___
  • “Apocolypse 99′, Williamsburg Arts & Historical Society ,Brooklyn ,NY, group
  • ___1998___
  • “ Future Garden?”, public installation, Houston and 14th Street, New York, New York
  • ___1997___
  • “ Urban Consumption Research 001, First Internet Based Work, public and internet based installation, New York Subway transit system, New York, New York.

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